About us

About us...

We are a UK based company that specialize in providing organic supplements for a healthier Liver and Gallbladder.

If you're suffering from gallbladder pain, gallstones, liver pain or more of a specific liver condition such as Hepatitis C, Fatty Liver Disease, NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseCirrhosis, Liver Cancer then one thing ALL healthcare experts will agree upon and recommend is to take on a more healthy lifestyle and healthier diet to include more fruits and green dense vegetables in your diet every single day.

However a new healthy habit can end up being a hassle to shop for and time consuming to prepare every single day for most people. As a result you eat healthy some-days and not so healthy on other days and as a result feel guilty for it..

Our main organic product Maximum Recovery for example not only contains healthy foods, but each and every single one of the 35 Super-foods contained in Maximum Recovery has a specific benefit for your liver and gallbladder. Its in a blended powder form and easily mixes with water and you have it as a drink, best of all it just takes 30 seconds!

Our main message to anyone going through a liver condition is to be aware of the fact that taking better care of your liver doesn't have to involve extra work or a tremendous amount of sacrifice, but just small things everyday.

Because no matter what the condition of your liver, science proves that the Liver is the only organ in the entire human body that can re-generate itself fully, when looked after and cared for properly.

So its never too late to start caring for your liver, whether you choose one of our products or decide to eat more healthy everyday, whatever you choose start today, so your liver can thank you for it tomorrow :-)


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