7 Signs / Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

1) Yellowing of the eyes (jaundice)

This is easy to spot just by making sure the whites of your eyes are indeed white, any other colour is a sign that your Liver needs attending to.

2) Pain in the upper right abdomen that comes and goes

3) Swelling and or constant Bloating in Your Abdomen area (ascites)

4) You feel a tiring fatigue a lot of the time, just want to lie down a lot.

5) Your doctor tells you your Liver has Enlarged

6) You notice your palms are red a lot of the time

7) Your urine is dark and can't remember the last time it was pure water like white

If you experience any one or a combination of the above signs its a cry for help from your Liver. If you continue to ignore fatty liver symptoms here's the most common progression of Liver Damage;




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