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About us...


We are a UK based company that specialize in providing natural supplements for a healthier Liver and Gallbladder.

If you are suffering from liver damage or a specific liver condition right now there is hope, because an interesting "Proven" scientific fact about the liver is... its a very special organ inside the human body... that when cared for by consuming the right type of nutritional foods and aminos on a daily basis for a minimum of 120 days allows the liver to start re-generating new liver cells. 

On this 120 day journey its also important to stay away from substances and binders that will put extra strain and workload on your liver, unfortunately a lot of tablets on the market claiming to be good for your liver contain binders, flavourings, dairy and even gelatin. This is a very unpleasant combination which causes the liver extra straining work in order to filter out toxins from the nutrients correctly. This is not what you want to do, when all you want to do is allow your Liver to recover.

One thing all health professional will also agree is that you eat more healthy everyday, unfortunately this general advice is easier said than done. As a new healthy eating habit can end up being a hassle to shop for and also time consuming to prepare each and every single-day, for some it could be too expensive buying organic everyday, for others it could be they don't feeling like eating most of the time.

Whatever the reason... you eat healthy some-days and not so healthy on other days, and as a result you feel guilty and your health suffers for it.

Our supplement range has been designed with this problem in mind, to provide your Liver and Gallbladder with ingredients they will love, for example our bestselling signature product Liv-Re-Gen is delivered using natural vegetarian capsules that contain zero binders, plus each and every one of the 15 ingredients contained within have a specific benefit for your liver. Our 100% Organic greens powder Maximum Recovery contains 35 ingredients per scoop, each and every ingredient has been carefully selected by us and has a specific benefit your your liver.

Organic is important for the Liver because no chemicals or pesticides have been used to preserve the fruit or vegetable, when chemicals or pesticides have been used, again this gives the Liver extra straining work to do, in order to filter out the toxins correctly. When you're liver is busy doing this, precious time is being taken away for it to relax and heal.

Our main message to anyone going through a liver condition is to be aware of the fact that taking better care of your liver doesn't have to involve extra work or a tremendous amount of sacrifice, but just small things that can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Because no matter what the condition of your liver, science proves that the Liver is the only organ in the entire human body that can re-generate itself fully when looked after and cared for properly. This can be done simply by staying away from vices such as smoke and alcohol and instead providing high quality herbs, vitamins, aminos and nutrients on a daily basis.

So its never too late to start caring for your liver, whether you choose one of our products or decide to eat more healthy organic fruits and vegetables everyday, whatever you choose start today, so your liver can thank you for it tomorrow :-)


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