What is Cirrhosis


Cirrhosis is the most serious form of liver damage, when the liver has been damaged over such a long period of time, where there are visible scars that show on the liver. These scars slowly start to replace all the healthy tissue in your liver and eventually this stops your liver from functioning properly, this can lead to liver cancer and the extreme outcome is total liver failure..however for this worse case scenario to occur it usually takes years for the condition to reach this stage...

Is there any hope of recovering from Cirrhosis?

There are two theories when it comes to the question "is there any hope of recovering from Cirrhosis?".

Theory one is that the damage caused by cirrhosis is irreversible and can eventually become so severe that this leads to complete liver failure and ultimately death.

Theory two is that the Liver is a unique organ that is capable of re-generation and that re-generation can start occurring just from a few healthy cells, science proves healthy liver cells can re-generate and multiply so much so, that the majority part of the liver organ itself is completely restored fully like new. Credible references wikipedia click here


Whichever theory you decide to go with, here’s a few things you can do in the meantime to slow down ongoing damage if you have Cirrhosis...


What is the Best Treatment for Cirrhosis?


Take the treatment advised by your doctor and completely avoid alcohol altogether, avoid smoking and all unhealthy greasy foods at all costs, just doing these things alone can slow the progress of further damage. Your doctor will also advise you to eat more healthy every-single-day. Unfortunately this "general advice" is easier said than done.


As this new healthy habit can end up being a hassle to shop for and very time consuming to prepare every-single-day, especially for those days where you don't feel like eating at all, as a result you eat healthy some-days and not so healthy on other days.


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