Cirrhosis of the Liver - Ultimate 120 Day Care Bundle

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There are two theories when it comes to the question "is there any hope of recovering from Cirrhosis?".

Theory one is that the damage caused by cirrhosis is irreversible and can eventually become so severe that this leads to complete liver failure and ultimately death.

Theory two is that the Liver is a unique organ that is capable of re-generation, and that re-generation can start occurring just from a few healthy cells, science proves that healthy liver cells can start to re-generate and multiply so much so, that the majority part of the liver organ itself is completely restored fully like new. Credible references wikipedia click here

If you are suffering from liver damage or a serious specific liver condition right now, such as cirrhosis... there is hope. Because an interesting "Proven" scientific fact about the liver is... its a very special organ inside the human body... that when cared for by staying away from vices such as alcohol, smoke, greasy high cholesterol foods and consuming the right type of nutritional foods, aminos herbs and nutrients on a daily basis for a minimum of 120 days gives the Liver the best opportunity to start re-generating new cells.

Organic is important when caring for a damaged Liver, because no chemicals or pesticides have been used to preserve the fruit or vegetable when in transit, when chemicals or pesticides have been used, this gives the Liver extra straining work to do in order to filter out the toxins from the nutrients correctly. When your liver is busy doing this, precious time is being taken away for it to relax and heal.

Our 100% Organic Super Foods Maximum Recovery, each scoop contains 35 ingredients that have been carefully selected by us and have a specific benefit for your liver!

Unfortunately a lot of tablets on the market claiming to be good for your liver contain binders, flavourings, dairy even gelatin. Even though the ingredient itself may be good for the liver, if it has been produced using binders, sub standard capsules or produced in a sub-standard environment, then this causes the liver extra straining work in order to filter out toxins from the nutrients correctly. This is not what you want, when all you want to do is allow your Liver to recover.

Our bestselling signature product Liv-Re-Gen is delivered using natural vegetarian capsules that contain zero binders, zero preservatives, zero artificial colours, zero flavourings, zero dairy products, zero gluten, zero lactose, zero soya, zero sugar, zero wheat, zero yeast, whilst each and every one of the 15 ingredients contained within each capsule are excellent for the Liver. For more information on Liv-Re-Gen Click Here

This is the Ultimate 120 Day (4 Months) Bundle

  • x4 Tubs of Maximum Recovery (Just mix 2-3 scoops in a 2 litre water bottle and drink throughout the day)
  • x4 Bottles of Liv-Re-Gen (Take 1 Capsule after each meal x2 times per day)

High Quality Products Manufactured in the UK to Premium Standards in our very own Professional Clean Nutra-Cuetical Laboratory under Strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards

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