Signs of Liver Damage - The BIG 3 Signs

Here are 3 signs of Liver Damage;



  • 1) A quick check you can do every morning by yourself is by looking in your bathroom mirror and observing the whites of your eyes, they should be crystal clear white, if they are yellow or a dark yellowish colour (also referred to as Jaundice) then this is a strong indication of liver damage...




  • 2) The colour of your urine, now its okay for the colour of your urine to sometimes be slightly yellow due to dehydration, but if it is regularly yellow, dark yellow or worse orange this is another indication of liver damage...




  • 3) Abdominal pain and or swelling that comes and goes near the liver area is a indication of possible liver damage, this is a signal to the brain from the liver asking for help... To treat your liver to a well deserved STRONG detox click here